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Handwriting Rec. – Connectionist Temporal Classification

Connectionist Temporal Classification After reading the paper from  Farès Menasri et al. “The A2iA French handwriting recognition system at the Rimes-ICDAR2011 competition”, we looked for inquiries about Connectionist Temporal Classification (CTC) as it is a really interesting method to label unsegmented sequences directly. In their article  Alex Graves, Santiago Fernández, Faustino...

Handwriting Rec. – CNN make predictions

Make predictions with a neural network. After building and evaluating neural network models let’s see how they behave to make predictions. We will evaluate model-by-model predictions and then use several training results and models with the bagging and voting method. Bagging and voting are popular methods for combining the...

Handwriting Rec. – CNN Testing

Old French document
Convolutional Neural Network Testing Now, we have some trained models and need to know how well they perform on unseen data. As, Dr.Jason Brownee wrote : “Why can’t you prepare your machine learning algorithm on your training dataset and use predictions from this same dataset to evaluate performance? The...


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