Handwriting Rec. – Orientation detection

Orientation detection

After detecting and correcting the skew of the scanned document, a question arises. Is it in the right direction? Is it right side up or upside down?

In 2010, in their article “Combined orientation and skew detection using geometric text-line modeling”, Joost van Beusekom, Faisal Shafait and Thomas M….

Handwriting Rec. – Skew detection

Skew detection n°1

In the previous article, we have started talking about handwriting recognition in the framework of transcribing civil registers.

In this paper we discuss some aspects of image preprocessing and page segmentation. Before segmenting a digitized page, we must check and correct its skew, as well as its orientation.

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Handwriting Rec. – Overview


In the paper “Handwriting recognition using Cohort of LSTM and lexicon verification with extremely large lexicon” Bruno STUNER, Clément CHATELAIN and Thierry PAQUET define what handwriting recognition is.

“Handwriting recognition is the numeric process of translating handwritten text images into strings of characters. The…


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