Handwriting Rec. – Connectionist Temporal Classification

Connectionist Temporal Classification

After reading the paper from  Farès Menasri et al. “The A2iA French handwriting recognition system at the Rimes-ICDAR2011 competition”, we looked for inquiries about Connectionist Temporal Classification (CTC) as it is a really interesting method to label unsegmented sequences directly.

In their article  Alex Graves, Santiago…

Handwriting Rec. – Line Segmentation

Line segmentation

We now have the lines of a page of a register. We are progressing in the decomposition of the handwritten information to be able to submit a unit of data to the models of character recognition.

As much as the segmentation of a page into lines is relatively simple,…

Handwriting Rec. – Page segmentation

Page segmentation

With tilt and orientation corrections done, we can segment the page to extract lines, then words. To carry out the separation of the letters, we will have to detect the inclination of the handwriting.

The document may present deformations, however we will postpone this correction to later, if necessary.


Handwriting Rec. – CNN Testing

Old French document

Convolutional Neural Network Testing

Now, we have some trained models and need to know how well they perform on unseen data.

As, Dr.Jason Brownee wrote :

“Why can’t you prepare your machine learning algorithm on your training dataset and use predictions from this same dataset to evaluate performance? The simple…

Handwriting Rec. – Dataset generation

Dataset generation

As we wrote in the first article, there are multiple databases available for working on the field of optical or handwritten character recognition. But, why not create your own database that meets your criteria. After implementing and exploring some of your ideas, you can always adapt the work…


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