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About me

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I am a computer engineer, architect designer of the information system also systems and networks, or vis-versa. Yet, I prefer to define myself as a computer engineer with a specialty generalist.

Unfortunately, I have been unemployed for several months classified in the long-term unemployed person category and I benefit from social minima while France lacks, it seems, qualified people. The media say the country lacks computer scientists.

Why cannot I find a job?

Good question. Obviously, I do not fit in their squares! I’m not part of the inner circle.

After 35 years of providing IT services, I really did not want to share my talents with private companies that only want to maximize their profits without paying their employees. I am now working in academia where I put my skills to work for the common good.

Over the past 35 years I have been involved in the development of computer science and have contributed modestly to its penetration into all strata of the economy, in various sectors of activity, for many companies and occasionally oversea.

ICT is a great toolbox for all businesses. But it is also necessary that these tools be mastered and correctly used with the objective of providing effective support and accompaniment to the missions of the company.

We speak of urbanization of the information system, a strategic discipline for the organization.

We talk about the security of the information system, a vital discipline.

As in other fields, computing is the object of fashion effects. What is needed? What is superfluous? What about planned obsolescence?

Today, I use my free time to explore new technologies.

In a TED talk Mr. David Lee says

“Ask people what problems they aspire to solve and what talents they want to bring to work.”

“When you encourage people to give of themselves, it can be astonishing to see just how much they are more than just workers.”

I agree with him.


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