As an occasional picker and apprentice agrologist, I want to be able to recognize plants and fungi during my hikes and walks in nature. Books are a bit heavy and bulky. The digital format allows lightness and a much larger volume of information.

Project overview

The goal of this project is to bring together several catalogs of plants and mushrooms in a digital format to be able to consult the descriptions of the species offline, without connection to the Internet.

Several functionalities will also be available: the creation of observations in the field and computer-aided recognition.

The application will be developed only in French.

La Croze, Gorges-du-Tarn some rights reserved

The technologies used

To do this, I will use the Python language, Kivy and Kivymd frameworks to build the interface. Artificial intelligence will be based on Tensorflow-lite and models trained with specific databases.

Kivy allows you to develop applications for Android, IOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Windows platforms.

The uix overview

The home page will propose according to the active catalog, the period and the location some species to be collected.

Welcome screen

The catalogs will offer the description of families, genera and botanical species.

Species described in the catalog.

Species description

I will write later some articles about Kivy and Kivymd, to show you how it is easy to create a simple screen, then several managed by the ScreenManager with or without transition effects. 


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[1]  – Kivy – github

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